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Requests / First to Finds and new caches

I've been getting used to Geooh Go for a few days and have a couple of suggestions that might be nice to be included in the app.

1.  We have 'DNF' and 'LNY' indicated on the Live Map and I thought it would be really good to have a 'FTF' indicator too to quickly show caches from the map view without a Found log.
2.  It would be good to be able to sort the 'Newest' caches into date published order.


Support / Re: Beginners guide to counties
I think you're right.  I've found a few caches in the USA and when I now view those counties, it looks OK. 

I'll send an extract of the GPX file to the Support email address to help your investigations,

Support / Re: Beginners guide to counties
OK, I tried again with the same result.  Ran a 'My Finds' Pocket Query from  Extracted the GPX file and saved it to my phone, 

I set the Regions in the UK to show Counties - 1st Screenshot
I then selected the 'Import/Export' option from the 'Manage Counties' screen - 2nd Screenshot
Then selected 'Yes' to confirm to create counties from the .GPX file - 3rd Screenshot
Selected the .GPX file - 4th Screenshot
Geooh then ran through a process - 5th Screenshot

but the result was the same as the first screenshot.  with 0 counties in 3 regions shaded.

I also tried extracting the GPX file on my laptop and copying it to my phone before loading the file but that didn't make any difference.  I'm sure I must be doing something wrong but I've tried everything I can think of.


Support / Re: Beginners guide to counties

Thanks for your quick reply.  I did follow the process you outlined above, ie downloaded a 'My Finds' GPX file from, extracted it (as it comes as a zip file} and imported it into Geooh.  It seemed to process the file and then ran through several thousand counties before stating that 0 caches in the 107 UK counties were not found!

I'll have another go though and report back.

Support / Beginners guide to counties
I've just started using Geooh and I'm in the free trial period for the enhanced version.

I'm trying to get the counties shading to work for counties with my finds but I either seem to have them all shaded or none at all.

I've run a 'My Finds' GPX from and added those in the 'counties' screen but that didn't work.  I see there is a comment about importing a csv file in a particular format.  Is that required instead of the GPX file and if so, how would I go about creating such a file?

Thanks for your help with this..