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Discussion / Over 50 Favourites
quote author=Geooh GO link=msg=861 date=1684806091]
Do you see the setting for number of favorite points? That means you've set the app to show nearby caches that have a minimum of 50 favorite points! I doubt there are any!

Here are two (both ours)
Support / Re: Android Auto Issues
Google maps worked like a charm, thanks.
Hope you can get it to work in waze, it's my preferred method of navigation due to it's extra features.
Support / Re: Android Auto Issues
The notification of a nearby cache appeared on my AA screen (attachment 1)
I selected the notification then selected Navigation on my AA screen (attachment 2)
The navigation screen appeared without any directions (attachment 3) and remained static as I drove in any direction.
Is there another thing I've selected incorrect in settings?
Support / Re: Android Auto Issues
Excellent, now I get notifications on AA.
How can I add them to my navigation map on AA, waze so I can drive to them?
Thank you for your help.
Support / Re: Android Auto Issues
Yes, I do have Nearby Geocaches turned on in settings and I am parked only 30m from one I haven't found. The Geooh Auto is enabled
Yes,, I have the notification on my phone indicating nearby ones but it doesn't show on the AA screen
Support / Android Auto Issues
Geocaches Show on a map on my phone but all I can get on my Android Auto car screen are the 3 small green buttons
When I press on nearby I get a message on the bottom of the screen that reads "not available when driving".
I am not driving, I am parked, in park, the handbrake is on, the engine is not running and I have accessories switched on.
Help me please. Where am I gong wrong?