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Support / Re: Unable to change Log Type or Date
I have the same problem.

In my settings I have Draft set as default when creating a log.

Now when I click on the "Log geocache" the log page appears, but the date and the log type options are disabled.
This used to work fine in a previous version
Support / Re: Not able to add pictures before posting a saved draft log
When clicking on one of the drafts in the official app or the website, then you can add photos and do TB stuff before posting the log.

Just curious as to why this is not possible in Geooh.

The way I (and most of my friends that use drafts) use it, is to go through the draft list and log the caches from there. Then you have the correct ordre of the logs and you don't miss any (just because they might not have been in your list - spontaneous caches)  :)
Support / Re: Not able to add pictures before posting a saved draft log
The Profile view of drafts is similar to the official app and website...

I don't quite agree on this.
In the official app and on the website you select one log from the list of drafts and then you have the possibility to edit the log, attach pictures, drop trackables and submit the log.
On Geooh you can only edit the text and then save the draft. No picture og trackable options are possible.

You can filter any list with the "Has Draft" filter... or filter by the ! icon... then update/post drafts from the list.

This would require that the caches logged with a draft are added to a list manually, unless they are very close and can be found with the live view. Much more work than on the official app. And you wouldn't have the right order of the logs as they are only shown in the list of drafts.

Geooh Go is lightyears ahead of the official app on most parameters (and thanks a lot for this!!), but logging using the draft logs it right now easier on the official app :(
Support / Re: Not able to add pictures before posting a saved draft log
Ah, yes...

After at geocaching trip, when I need to log the caches I have found, I go to the draft list on the profile page on Geooh. And then I would like to log the caches from there, as the list contains all the drafts and in the correct order. This is also how you can do it in the official app.

If I have to run the "Log geocache" task, then I would need to find every cache I have found either on the map or on some lists and then create the log. That is quite cumbersome...

I suggest that the same form appears when opening the log in the draft list as when using the "log geocache" task. That would also resemble the official app

Best regards
Requests / Re: Filter by corrected coordinate
Ah, yes.

I found it not so easy to do the filtering by icons, as there are a lot you have to toggle off, before you can filter on eg. mysteries with corrected coordinates. Is there an easy way to remove the checkmarks on all icons?
Requests / Mark caches from a list

A really nice feature would be to have all caches from a specific list to be highlighted on the map.
In this way you can have a list of the special caches that you have selected for a trip, and see them highlighted on the map alongside with all the other caches.

Best regards
Requests / Filter by corrected coordinate

Is it possible to filter on corrected coordinates? So I only see caches that I have corrected?
If not, then I would like to vote for this feature.

Requests / Re: Select maps (offline)
OK, your choice.  :)

I just think there is a big difference between using an alternative tile server and offline maps. I'll try to use different settings in stead.