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Support / Re: move a user defined cache to a different list
Using the Delete button on the bottom left works just fine, now that I know it is there (I must have overlooked it before) and how it works. I had not seen it before, I just kept thinking that the pop-up task list should have a Delete task in it. Since there does not seem to be any problem with using the Delete button, can't see any reason that there shouldn't be one in the task list, other than the time necessary to code it. I am sure that there are more pressing upgrades that need to be made before even considering doing that.
Support / Re: move a user defined cache to a different list
If the pop-up task list that you are talking about is the green box that pops up when you tap the menu in the brown rounded box on the right of the cache name, that list does not have a delete option for user defined waypoints/caches that I imported from a GPX file.
I have attached 3 screenshots of the task list for 3 waypoints/caches that I imported in a GPX file
Support / move a user defined cache to a different list
I have a user defined cache that is in an off-line list that I want to move to a different off-line list. I do not see a way to do that.
When I click the menu button of a normal cache the menu that pops up has 14 items one of which is Transfer. The menu that appears when I click the menu button for the user defined cache has only three items: Show Details, Show on Map and Navigate to.
How can I move/transfer a user defined cache to a different list?