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Discussion / Hider Conundrum
Several times I have found a perfect location for a hide. I create the container, usually spending a good amount of money on it, get permission from the property owner, only to be told by the reviewer that there is a waypoint or a final for a multi-cache occupying the location. Very frustrating. Is there a way in Geooh Go to, besides finding every puzzle and multi-cache in a two-mile radius, to determine the location is occupied?
Support / Shade Counties Not Shading Counties with Hides
I have County Boundaries turned on and selected Unites States, Wisconsin, Shade Counties, Label Counties. I have no counties selected to shade.

The county borders and labels show up but none of the counties with hides are shaded.
When I select all counties to be shaded they show up as shaded.

Am I misinterpreting how this feature works? I expect only the counties that I have found a cache to be shaded.