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Support / Wherigo caches no details

My other problem was with trying to run two Wherigo caches in the app. In both cases I viewed the cache listing, used the link in that to download the cartridge, loaded that in the app, got the initial message and clicked New Game, but then there was nothing visible - nothing in Locations, You See, Inventory or Tasks.

I was stood in the right place to start each one.

I was able to revert to downloading the cartridges separately and playing them in WhereYouGo on the same phone.

Best wishes

Support / Edit Note then Log Geocache issue

I'm a new user so may be doing something wrong... but today I hit a couple of issues. Raising them separately as I doubt they're related.

I have Log Header and Footer set up, which are working fine normally.

However, on a couple of today's finds (a multi and a virtual) I first used Edit Note to save my workings. When I then selected Log Geocache, the log text was set to my notes, not to the log header and footer.

Hope that makes sense.