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Requests / Automatic map movement without compass mode

When i m in my car, i use the automatic map movement, when i select a cache und go in compass mode. (phone is vertical, compass is faded). Then the map moves automatically with my location in the center of the map fine.
But when im on my bike, i cant make the compass fade out (the phone is flat), and i dont find another possibiliy, to make the map move automatically.

Thanks in advance,
Support / Updating the map..... and it takes very long, and does not work automatically

Updating the map takes very long. In Zoom 14 in a urban place with ~100 Geocaches, it takes 10 seconds. And it takes 8-9 seconds when there are only 20 caches.... This is much to long, and i m pretty sure, this was faster a few weeks ago....
Another problem is the automatic update when i am moving the map: I have to move the completely out of the area of loaded geocaches till it starts updating.

I only fetch basic information for the caches, and no pictures.
This makes the app nearly unusable, when i try to figure out my next cache on my route.