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Requests / Re: New User Impressions and Requests
Last post by Geooh GO -
Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll try to answer as best I can...

Compass View... when viewing the map select a cache and then press the compass button on the right side (see screenshot).

Dropbox Support... Geooh uses Google's Storage Access Framework that all apps will be required to follow in the future (for security reasons). Unfortunately, Dropbox has yet to support SAF. Until then you can use Google Drive as your cloud drive for Geooh... which will let your treat Drive as another accessible local directory.

Offline Mapping... the enhance subscription version of Geooh has Alternative Maps support so that you can use any tile server or Mapsforge offline map (and there are topo and shading ones available). The advantage Geooh has over the Cachly or Locus is that YOU can choose whatever maps you want instead of having predefined ones statically setup within the app. I've attached a screenshot using the opentopmap tile server to show an example on Geooh.

Compass Size... Geooh is the only app that will overlay the compass on the map and fade in/out as you rotate the phone horizontal/vertical. The advantage is you can easily view the map whenever you want by hiding the compass as the phone turns vertical and then horizontal (like a real compass) it shows a full-size compass view. An additional feature only found on  Geooh is the ability to shrink the map/compass view into a floating window when you open another app... like Google's navigation app does.

PQ Downloads... Pocket query downloads are super fast. If you have turned on Download Images in settings that would delay the process considerably when going to websites to get images. Be sure you are not comparing apples to oranges with Cachly/Locus if the download characteristics are not the same. Also, you don't even need to create a PQ if that comes from a bookmark list... just download the online list and specify Lite download to show how quickly it can go. You could download all images (in logs) for an offline list, but the PQ/GPX download images is only for descriptions.

HTML Source... No, there isn't a switch to see the HTML for geocache descriptions

Let me know of any other questions or issues!
Requests / New User Impressions and Requests
Last post by Erickson -
I am excited to learn how to incorporate Geooh but am still learning how to use It, so some suggestions might already be features.   I know for instance that there is a compass view, but I could not find it when hiking today and did not want to keep my noncaching wife waiting, so I switched to a more familiar app.

One request, therefore would be a help menu with easily accessible menus for common features.    I’m still trying to figure out how to get to a screen with a compass arrow that points to a cache.   I’ve seen it, but I can’t find it now.   A help menu might point me to that.

But apart from that:

1.   Dropbox support within the app.

2.  Offline mapping with topo and shading.   This may be possible in the tools you provide but it is not as easy as selecting a map from within the app menu - a feature included with Cachly or Locus.   I am attaching screenshots of  the maps where I walked today, which I am hoping to replicate in Geooh when caching offline.  In both those apps it is an easy process to select the maps

 3.  Given on what I remember, would like be to be able to adjust the size of the compass so it does not obscure the map.   All I need, when I select a cache and go to the map is to have a small compass arrow, with the map and distance.  

4.  Is there any way that downloads can be sped up.   I started to download a PQ (734 caches)     I’m 16 minutes into the process on Geooh and still only at 250  caches.   About five minutes after that started I began to download the PQ on Cachly.   I finished the PQ and then downloaded the cache images.     After that was through I downloaded the PQ in Locus.    It’s taken well over a half hour and downloading is still in process.

I am worried because the app warns that cache images may take longer - does the app download anything more than the images included in the cache description?

5.   Does the app allow users to switch between a web view, the source code, and the internal rendering while offline - a feature I have used in Cachly and the old Geosphere.,
Support / Re: Two small issues with v11.2.8
Last post by Geooh GO -
I replicated the profile issue. It appears Groundspeak has a bug (or feature) that no matter what profile page is requested, the website only returns yours. So, something has changed on their end. I'll contact HQ to figure out what's going on.
Support / Re: Two small issues with v11.2.8
Last post by Geooh GO -
Can you provide a screenshot so I know exactly what you are looking at and describing?

There are new settings in the Lists section to determine full or lite data for Newest (full is needed for the FTF banner) and a new radius to select how far from you to search for new caches. These settings help fine-tune what you really want to see.
Support / Two small issues with v11.2.8
Last post by HippieHacker -
Two issues with v11.2.8 that I updated last night.

First when I look at someone's profile from a caches "View profile" the upper part of the page above the "Tabs" displays my profile stats and pictures every time but from the "Tabs" row down it's their profile information.

Second is the "Newest" search has lost something. When I looked this morning for what caches may have been published overnight, I just get one already found cache nearby when yesterday I got more than 10 with 2 FTF. Rechecking those FTF from the previous search, I still see them as unfound FTF. I have notice that over the last few updates that this feature had started to show issues like the "Newest" listing not updating the icons of new caches to your FTF icon (like previous versions) unless selected and that listing is not highlighted any longer.

Thanks for your time and all the hard work you put in to keep this awesome app going...
Requests / Re: Default sorting of picture directory
Last post by Geooh GO -
Geooh is not in control of file selections. You are looking at Android's built-in file explorer. Geooh is the only geocaching app following Google's enhanced security for apps. Anytime you select a file or directory, you are using Android instead of 3rd party software to make the selection which keeps apps from incorrectly accessing files they shouldn't.

So bottom line, there is no way for me to force a sort order or which directory first shows because that's just how Google has implemented their file explorer. Maybe they'll improve this in the future.
Requests / Default sorting of picture directory
Last post by HippieHacker -
Just having a small annoyance in the process of adding pictures to a log.

When adding pictures to the cache logging process, you select to grab the photo from the Gallery, the sorting of the directory displayed each time you enter defaults to "File name (A to Z)". Have to go into setting and change the sorting to "Modified (newest first)" to get the most recent photos added to displayed. Could you add to the request for the directory displayed to default to the "Most Recent" photo to save the extra steps required each time to find the pictures just taken. Running a Samsung S9 android.
Support / Re: Automatic translation issues
Last post by haudek -
Green color super.

I was tried change language settings by your sugestion, but these three words are translated (Geocaches, Profile, Lists).
Support / Re: Automatic translation issues
Last post by Geooh GO -
Could you try enabling the language translation setting, save setting, restart the app, then turn it off, save, restart again to see if that clears out those unneeded language translations?