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Support / Wear OS
Last post by Larryde -
I use a Fossil Gen5 Smartwatch with Wear OS. The Playstore App on the Smartwatch can't find your Geooh APP. Why?
Support / Custom map theme does not work in v11
Last post by mkyral -
I'm using offline maps and map theme from (Czech lang only). It worked, but with latest version is map rendering with default style without hiking tracks. I've tried add the offline map folder again, but it did not help :-(

Any hint what to do?

I'm using HTC U11 Life on Android 10.
Support / Re: Wherigo directory
Last post by Flash and Grubbly -
It seems that the settings aren't taking effect straight away no matter what we do.

Previously, it gave an error message saying it needed filling in. The icon only seemed to appear after plenty of messing around with the settings - going in and out of the app. I don't think we understand what corrected it.

Similarly, even though the app told us it was downloading cartridges, and they were appearing in the folder, it has taken a few goes to get it to recognise what's is doing.

There just seems to be a lag in getting things to happen!
Support / Re: Wherigo directory
Last post by Geooh GO -
Rotate the phone to landscape and then open settings... maybe the icon is not showing. When you enter the field Geooh should show a dialog asking you to select a directory. Is that not happening? Are you closing that?
Support / Re: Wherigo directory
Last post by Geooh GO -
What is the permission setting in Android for Geooh storage access? Could you have denied it when first using Geooh?

The screen should like the one attached if storage access is allowed.