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Support / Unable to log in to wherigo
Last post by SkiMedicKC -
I am unable to download from wherigo, the app keeps telling me to check username and password which I have reentered many times.
Support / List Sharing
Last post by Team Gatch -
How do I share a list or bookmark with another Geooh Go user standing next to me?
Requests / User manual
Last post by Rhinograde -
I think a user manual would be really helpful. I can read the list of features but it is not obvious to me how everything works. I still use my Garmin GPS as main tool and only supplement it with Geooh for car navigation and descriptions because I cannot make sense of overall functionality.
Support / no hints or descriptions
Last post by searcher -
just downloaded the new version

when i call up a cache (say from a link in an email), the cache loads but when i look at the description, it's empty and the hint too...there are logs and attributes

refreshing doesn't help

show details shows everything ok

this is weird