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Support / Re: [NUMBER] placeholder
Last post by Geooh GO -
Intended behavior. If you are uploading drafts to be completed elsewhere, I wouldn't use any placeholders. If you turned the drafts into logs while using Geooh, it should all work.
Support / [NUMBER] placeholder
Last post by John -
I found a few caches today and uploaded them as drafts. My pre-fill text includes the [NUMBER] placeholder. In each case it was replaced by the same number - my number of finds at the beginning of the day plus one. In other words, it does not take into account any pending drafts. Is that a bug or intended behaviour?
Support / Re: alternative maps
Last post by Geooh GO -
I've said this before... I tried to use OS Bing maps and it got very messy internally to support for minor usage. I have an outstanding OS group ticket for them to resolve (on their end) the ability to use their 27700 maps (what Bing and others use) via their tile server API (which Geooh uses). If/when the OS group responds to the ticket, I'll be able to implement 27700 maps.
Support / Re: alternative maps
Last post by armchair -
My apologies for persuing this, but I do not understand the OS group issue.

I have successfully used Microsoft's Bing OS map tiles by just specifying the URL in three applications:

Geocaching Map Enhancements:



where {Q} is a parameter that the app replaces with the quadkey and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is my personal Microsoft API key

*locus maps is slightly more complex in that the url is specified in a providers xml file where {c} is the map coordinates, and the need to calculate a quadkey is specified by specifying a map type of 5

I have had to reinstall all my phone apps and I'd like to use Geeoh GO as a replacement for GCdroid which is no longer available on PlayStore. I don't think GME is available for Android devices and Locus Maps Geocaching option is too cumbersome.
Support / Re: move a user defined cache to a different list
Last post by Geooh GO -
There is one in the task menu. Try a list with real caches in it or ones you added via the + insert button lower right. As I said, something is wrong in your GPX file that is throwing things off and not being recognized as valid caches... to delete.
Support / Re: move a user defined cache to a different list
Last post by Bing-GTX -
Using the Delete button on the bottom left works just fine, now that I know it is there (I must have overlooked it before) and how it works. I had not seen it before, I just kept thinking that the pop-up task list should have a Delete task in it. Since there does not seem to be any problem with using the Delete button, can't see any reason that there shouldn't be one in the task list, other than the time necessary to code it. I am sure that there are more pressing upgrades that need to be made before even considering doing that.
Support / Re: move a user defined cache to a different list
Last post by Geooh GO -
It does look like the GPX file is not a valid geocaching GPX file... D/T and cache type is off. That's probably messing things up internally to show a normal cache task menu.

Did you try tapping the list delete button bottom left as I mentioned before to go into delete mode?
Support / Re: alternative maps
Last post by Geooh GO -
It's not the quadkey that's the problem, the app can calculate it. It's the OS group that hasn't provided a way to use their 27700 maps in a tile server.
Support / Re: move a user defined cache to a different list
Last post by Bing-GTX -
If the pop-up task list that you are talking about is the green box that pops up when you tap the menu in the brown rounded box on the right of the cache name, that list does not have a delete option for user defined waypoints/caches that I imported from a GPX file.
I have attached 3 screenshots of the task list for 3 waypoints/caches that I imported in a GPX file