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Support / Re: Templates
Last post by Geooh GO -
The latest 10.2.1 release should improve access to templates stored on cloud drives. Try it and see if it resolves the original issue you had.
Support / Re: county boundaries
Last post by Geooh GO -
Have you obtained the Enhanced Subscription through Google Play? That's the first step.

Once subscribed, then go into Geooh Settings/County Boundaries section and click on Show Counties. And then you could also determine which states to show. Showing county boundaries can take up memory or cause a map slowdown with lots of states shown so you have the option of whether you want the boundaries to show.

Let me know of any other issues getting it going!
Support / Re: Templates
Last post by Geooh GO -
Android is increasingly getting more restrictive when accessing external storage. It's on the to-do list to see if improvements can be made, but for now use internal storage until I can find better solutions.
Support / Re: Templates
Last post by ahomburg -
Only seems to work if template is in root of internal storage.

Was hoping to put it in documents to make it easy to find and edit when needed.
Support / Re: Templates
Last post by Geooh GO -
Try putting the template in the internal storage area... there may already be a Geooh folder you could use. Then be sure to select this directory in Settings.
Support / Templates
Last post by ahomburg -
Trying to setup a template like I had in C:Geo, but I am having trouble making it work. I had it in my google drive at first.  This seemed to have issues accessing it, so I copied the file to my phones downloads folder, but am still having issues. I get:

Could not open the Template.

Any Ideas?
Support / Re: Log Geocache or Create Draft
Last post by Geooh GO -
It can be confusing. The Save for Later is for *any* task (post log, create draft, add photo, etc) when there is no network available to send to Groundspeak servers. Once saved a cloud icon appears on the top bar with all saved items in the queue for editing or submitting when network is back.

Groundspeak recently added drafts after the save feature was included in Geooh. I'd use that when you want to refine logs on the computer or another device before final logging since drafts are always stored on Groundspeak servers without updating cache logs... but again, you need a network to do that so drafts can't be used like save for later (although you could use the save feature on drafts too).

Submitting a draft stores it on Groundspeak as a draft only... and they used to be called field notes.
Support / Log Geocache or Create Draft
Last post by ahomburg -
What is the difference between "Log Geocache" then "Save for Later" and just simply "Create Draft"

If you "Create a Draft" and then Submit, does it then upload to field notes.