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Offline mode

Recently I've done some geocaching in areas with little to no reception except for calls, at least intermittently. This can be a frustrating experience without disabling mobile data on my phone entirely, as Geooh GO keeps trying to load online resources (even with use 3g and low cell reception disabled). It would be helpful if there was some offline mode toggle that prevents this.

Related request:
- Make the queue of logs waiting to be submitted once network is back available somehow as a list. I'm not a huge fan of the individual notifications. It's also not obvious to the user when the logs have actually been submitted.
- The cache icon should change even prior to the log being submitted. Right now I have to actively remember which caches I've logged.

Some related bugs:
- Sometimes Geooh GO will think there is no network even when it's back again. The only way I've found to remedy this is to toggle mobile data off and on again, and even that doesn't always fix it.

Re: Offline mode

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The 11.9.10 release tries to address some of these issues. Opening cache screen would obtain log image counts, favorites, etc causing additional API calls. Geooh now checks for a strong network signal before attempting it. You can always turn off API calls while leaving data accessible on your phone to insure no HQ requests.

In the related requests, if you are talking about the offline worker that queues requests and automatically sends them for you when network is back, that is an Android function once Geooh sends the request to the offline worker... there is no list available outside the notifications. You can turn off the offline worker and use the Save for Later queue which has a list. The cache icon does change to one with a check mark.

Geooh asks Android about network availability and tries to ping Google to confirm access. That's where the no network access is  coming from.