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Matrix for filters

I find the current list of toggleable icons for filters quite inconvenient. I believe something like this could work quite well. This is obviously not a suggestion for how it should look, just something I threw together in Excel to convey the idea. In my mind one should also be able to click the cache type or flag to toggle an entire row or column at once.

As an aside, I would like the filters to be retained even if I go back to the main screen. Right now they are reset (at least for non-live maps). I often use them to hide mystery caches that do not have corrected coordinates. This would, combined with the suggestion above, also remove the need to have separate toggles for disabled, found and owned in the settings.

Re: Matrix for filters

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There is no good Android UI widget to present like that, plus the API doesn't provide searches for those characteristics.
But those already appear in the current map filters? The only thing I've done is reorganize them in a grid.

You can save a filter set for reuse on any list/map.
Sure, but there is no reason to believe the user wants the current filters to reset simply because they leave the list. They should still be retained until the user actively wants to change them. The behavior is also inconsistent between live map and lists. If I toggle off uncorrected mysteries on the live maps, that will stick. The same toggle on a list won't.

By the way, simply changing the filters through icons doesn't actually trigger the "SAVE SET" option. That option only appears if I change one of the text filters (like Favorites). Presumably that's a bug though.