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Offline map flickering

So I have downloaded offline maps and when I am using an offline map it flickers everytime I scroll across the map. The map goes blank for 5-10 sometimes 30 seconds then comes back. Does not matter how close or far I am zoomed or if I'm panning 15 ft. Or 15 miles. Goes blank...
Wait..then comes back. Any ideas?


Re: Offline map flickering

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A video would greatly help. This is not normal or reported before.

Does this happen with Google maps? Is the behavior seen with maps of offline lists or just the Live map? If just Live, do you have auto refresh on? If Live, are there lots of caches within the map boundaries? Does this happen when you first open the app or later after using it awhile? What offline map source are you using? Is there a theme on for the map?

The more information I have the better I can help determine what the issue is.