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Trying to setup a template like I had in C:Geo, but I am having trouble making it work. I had it in my google drive at first.  This seemed to have issues accessing it, so I copied the file to my phones downloads folder, but am still having issues. I get:

Could not open the Template.

Any Ideas?

Re: Templates

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Try putting the template in the internal storage area... there may already be a Geooh folder you could use. Then be sure to select this directory in Settings.

Re: Templates

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Only seems to work if template is in root of internal storage.

Was hoping to put it in documents to make it easy to find and edit when needed.


Re: Templates

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Android is increasingly getting more restrictive when accessing external storage. It's on the to-do list to see if improvements can be made, but for now use internal storage until I can find better solutions.

Re: Templates

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The latest 10.2.1 release should improve access to templates stored on cloud drives. Try it and see if it resolves the original issue you had.