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Show cache tye

When showing a live map with my found caches, then there is no way of seeing what the cache type is.
When selecthing the cache it is not shown. When selecting "Show more" the cache type is not shown and on the Drawer the cache type is also not shown.
Only when using Show Details it can be seen under Properties.

It would be nice to be able to see the cache type on found caches, when selecting the cache and also on the Show More page.

In general the show more page has not an indication of the cache type. That would be a nice feature to have

Re: Show cache tye

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Ah.... Nice  :)

As there seems to be a lot of space I would love to have it all together, not having to slide. But just a humble wish.  :)

Re: Show cache tye

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OK, fair enogh  :)