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Edit Note then Log Geocache issue


I'm a new user so may be doing something wrong... but today I hit a couple of issues. Raising them separately as I doubt they're related.

I have Log Header and Footer set up, which are working fine normally.

However, on a couple of today's finds (a multi and a virtual) I first used Edit Note to save my workings. When I then selected Log Geocache, the log text was set to my notes, not to the log header and footer.

Hope that makes sense.


Re: Edit Note then Log Geocache issue

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Hi Barry.

It looks you might have found a quirk trying to log a geocache after creating a note. My testing shows this happens after the note is created and you still have the list or app open. After closing Geooh and starting it up again the log won't show the note. I'll put it on the to-do fixit list. Thanks for the report!


Re: Edit Note then Log Geocache issue

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Great, thanks for the prompt reply. The workaround sorts it for me for now.