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html <br> tags appearing in logs

Hi Geooh Dev,

I'm still a new user, so It's likely that I'm doing something unintentionally weird.

I've logged some caches through the app, and for some, not all ( I think), I'm seeing html <br> tags in the logs.

See my log here for example -

I've not explicitly tried to re-produce it, but I'm pretty sure I've used the following combinations of actions to log caches
  • just log it
  • go into log, add a single word to the log text, then click on save for later and come back later and log it from the comfort of home
  • both of the above, with the trackable errors I reported a couple of days ago

I've also used a text snipped with the [OWNER] placeholder on most of my logs

I'm happy to try to reproduce if needed - just let me know.



Re: html <br> tags appearing in logs

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Thanks for the note. Around the time of your log a version of Geooh was released that incorrectly handled line breaks in logs converting them to HTML. This was corrected in the 10.2.17 release that came out a couple days later. After you've updated to that version things should be back to normal. Please let me know if the <br> tags continue to show after the update.