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Can't create projection waypoint

I'm trying to create a new waypoint by entering bearing and distance. But it fails due to invalid values. I think it is caused by localization as in Czech we are using coma as decimal separator. And I'm not able to enter values without decimal part or with dot instead of coma.

Check attached screenshots please.

Re: Can't create projection waypoint

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Re: Can't create projection waypoint

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I've tested it during weekend and I'm able to enter degrees with coma as decimal delimiter now, but for some reason, the result is incorrect.

Input coordinates: N49° 44.574' E018° 33.545'
Bearing: 93°
Distance: 60m

Geooh calculated: N49° 44.614' E018° 33.395'
But according other tools it should be: N49° 44.572' E018° 33.595'

I've tried it several times, but the result was always the same.

Re: Can't create projection waypoint

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Update. I've just noticed that when I manually enter N49° 44.574' E018° 33.545', after hit of "set" button, app show 44.595 instead 44.574. And projection is calculated from this incorrect value.

Re: Can't create projection waypoint

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I'm not sure if this should be allready corrected, but in latest version is the latitude coordinate still incorrectly copied between screens.

Re: Can't create projection waypoint

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it happen to me each time. But it looks like, coordinates are copied correctly, but then is updated by map?
Please check the video:

I've opened cache details, hit "Add Waypoint" and then clicked to the compass icon. There is N49° 40.155' shown for a while, but then is updated to N49° 40.174'. It is strange, only "N" is updated.

I''m on HTC U11 Life with Android 9.