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User guides for newbies to Geeoh Go

Love the look of the app and the features apparently available...
BUT - it would be really helpful to have some sort of 'How do I'... guide.   The pop ups only work if you are already where you need to be!

Things that I have found 'non intuitive' ...

Really basic search for a cache by GC code.  I don't necessarily want to create a list.
Turning the circles on and off...
Haven't yet tried importing a bookmark list from the geocaching website, or adding draft notes / answers to questions
I would also like to add better maps - I am a fan of CycloOSM

Background - I'm not a newbie cacher (have almost 13K finds over 10+ years), mostly using C:geo.  I am a premium member.
I'm based in NZ, but will be travelling to Aussie early next year, so would like to be able to overlay the county maps there.

I wonder what else has caught out people new to the app?


Re: User guides for newbies to Geeoh Go

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There is no user guide. The onboarding tips are helpful since they are context sensitive, and can be reset several times in settings to see them again. The settings in Geooh is unique since with its search capability you can locate settings by keywords... for the most part this is your guide to all the features available that are configurable.

There is a basic search on the Home Screen. Click the search icon to enter a GC code. The app will show you if it's in a list or download it for you without creating a list. See screenshot.

Circles can be turned on/off in settings. Or you can flip it by sliding open the left drawer map list while the map is showing, click Options, click Geocaches, then check Show Cache Radius. See screenshot.

Alternative offline maps is part of the enhanced subscription version of Geooh. You can use any 3rd party Mapsforge map including CycleOSM. Geooh doesn't restrict the maps that can be downloaded and used. See screenshot.

You may not remember the early days when first using c:geo and the confusion/learning how to use that app. I still find its UI the most convoluted of any app I've used. Eventually, after some unlearning c:geo, you may find Geooh more intuitive.