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Help with extra locations/Waypoints


me again - still a newbie :)

I'm wondering what the best way is to use Geooh for a (earth) cache which has a point (waypoint?) in the description which I need to walk to to answer a question - like this one

I worked out how to copy the location ( S 35 17.898 E 149 06.844) from the description, and then put it in as a waypoint - but then, the only way I seemed to be able to get to it was navigation via google maps.

So, I guess I have 2 questions.

1. is there an easy way to get locations from a cache description into a usable place/form
2. then how do I get the compass to get me there

I'm probably missing something obvious, so feel free to point me at some doco.


Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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Hi again,

1) No, there is not a different way to extract description waypoints other than copy paste. But, that is a good idea so I'll add it to a to-do list for a future feature.

2) After you add a waypoint (or already have any) you will see a Waypoints row in the cache page (along with Description, Hint, Attributes, etc). Click that row to see the list of waypoints. At the bottom will be the map icon button to show all the waypoints on the map. From there it will function like the map for caches... click a waypoint and you can see distance and open the compass for it.

Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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Awesome, on both counts.

it's easy when you know how.

Thanks again.

Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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So, it was awesome, yesterday when I tried it.

When I looked again tonight though, I couldn't find the option.

I re-followed your instructions above.

I refreshed the cache

I restarted the app

I rebooted the phone.

But, still, no map icon.

See screenshot - any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks again.

Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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here's the screenshot

Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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I worked out that if I'm looking at a cache on the regular map, then the waypoints appear, and I can click on the waypoint description and navigate to it via the map and compass from that screen.

But, the map icon on the bottom of my waypoints list screen is definitely not there.


Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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Hi Haudek,

Thanks for your interest, and your helpful gif - what tool did you use to create it ?

However, I tried, it, and I think that the only coordinates available for me to copy are the cache itself (S 35° 17.902 E 149° 06.819) , and not the waypoint coordinates which are buried in the description (S 35 17.898 E 149 06.844) :(

Best Regards


Re: Help with extra locations/Waypoints

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Yes, Waypoint from the description can only be copied manually (select text and copy).
Then you can add it to the offline list and it will be displayed on the map.
But how else can this be resolved?
Each time the application is to check all descriptions, are there no coordinates saved in them?
Maybe some "Search waypoints in description" button?
On the other hand, it is probably a relatively rare situation when the waypoint is not added "officially", but only in the description.

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