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Finding Good, Now Time for Hiding

So far, I'm quite pleased with the 'finding' side of Geooh.  It takes a little adjustment to learn the UI for a few things, but it does them well.

Now, it's time to address the 'hiding' side and an associated request regarding coordinates.

Second issue first:  Would it be possible to add current coordinates to the compass view or some other?  Many times, the posted coordinates are in question, and some other finder has posted alternate coordinates that are likely better than the posted ones.  So you have to move toward these new coordinates, not exactly where the arrow/distance points.  At such times, it is helpful to have the current coordinates displayed so that you can adjust your location to them.  So far, I don't see within the app any way of viewing the current coordinates of the phone at all.

First issue:  Hiding caches doesn't really seem to be addressed by Geooh ... unless I've missed something again!  Rather than using a separate app, would it be possible to include a display of current coordinates along with some kind of waypoint averaging feature?  That's one of my knocks on so many of these phone apps for geocaching -- they do not include 'best practices' software for doing waypoint averaging for hiding caches.

Re: Finding Good, Now Time for Hiding

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Thanks for the nice feedback... I'll try to answer the questions.

Second issue:
Done... I'll showing current location coordinates at the very top of the map. Currently, it shows route information when a route is shown, but I will show coordinates when route is not showing. See screenshots.

First issue:
Already there... when adding a waypoint to a cache or inserting a waypoint in an offline list you can click the compass icon on the coordinates which will show a location dialog. On the lower left side there is an averaging function. See screenshots.

Re: Finding Good, Now Time for Hiding

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OK.  I'm being dense about your post = Reply #4, "Inserting waypoint in an offline list".   How do I navigate to that place in the app?  Again, I struggle a little with the UI.  Looking forward to that manual you were talking about!

Re: Finding Good, Now Time for Hiding

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When viewing a list there will be a plus + sign button on the bottom bar far right to add waypoints to an offline list. This will add a new record (cache if you want to call it) in the list. Or after selecting a cache you can run the Add Waypoint to add a waypoint to that specific cache. Both bring up the waypoint dialog to enter/capture coordinates... just depends on where you want to store that information... as a another cache record or as a waypoint for a cache.

Re: Finding Good, Now Time for Hiding

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Working great.  I didn't realize that there had to be an existing list showing (any list) in order to get that feature working.  I was looking for something similar to the + on some other menu, I guess.  Will test out the averaging against a known point and see how it goes.  Thanks.