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Wherigo directory

New android handset
Accessed Wherigo from inside the Geooh-go app
but it wants to know what directory to download cartridges to?!?
What is the best response?
Looking forward to using the Wherigo part of this app next week
Have successfully used Wherigo on iPhone but not in Geooh-go
Thanks (yes, I have logged into with my credentials prior to download attempt)
and I think it would download but I'm afraid of choosing the wrong directory.
ElectriCorgi  ::)

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Re: Wherigo directory

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Sorry to jump into a thread, but I don't understand the formatting of this field. What it is expecting to see?

I have made a folder in internal storage of my android called Wherigo.

Re: Wherigo directory

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I understand that. But when I type in the directory, I get an error message telling me the field [Directory] must have a valid value.

I have typed"/Internal storage/Wherigo"

What should I insert?

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Nope. Storage is allowed.

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The folder icon has appeared now. Odd. Thanks for your time.

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It seems that the settings aren't taking effect straight away no matter what we do.

Previously, it gave an error message saying it needed filling in. The icon only seemed to appear after plenty of messing around with the settings - going in and out of the app. I don't think we understand what corrected it.

Similarly, even though the app told us it was downloading cartridges, and they were appearing in the folder, it has taken a few goes to get it to recognise what's is doing.

There just seems to be a lag in getting things to happen!