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List Sharing

How do I share a list or bookmark with another Geooh Go user standing next to me?

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Sorry for the late reply... forum notifications weren't being sent for posts.

To share a list slide open the left side drawer and selected Share Lists. Then press to Open Connections to share broadcasting you are open to send/receive lists. Have another Geooh user do the same. Wait until a connection is made with the user and click on their name to display a menu of their offline lists. Select one to transfer.

Sometimes Android takes awhile to make the connection to other devices so be patient until that's done.

Re: List Sharing

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Are you using NFC to accomplish the link?

Re: List Sharing

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No, the app is using Android's nearby connections software which uses combinations of wifi, ultrasonic, and bluetooth technologies to establish the connections to other devices.

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Interesting.  I'm still not comfortable enough with the Nearby protocol to employ it for anything serious.  The potential for MitM attacks was one of the obvious places to look at this kind of technology, and it appears that there are still vulnerabilities.

The downloadable PDF here makes some interesting reading >>