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Wear OS support without magnetometer sensor

Was very excited to see Geooh Go with Wear OS support but was sad that it was not compatible with my watch because my watch does not have an magnetometer sensor. Would it be worth considering having a verson that does not require the magnetometer sensor for push notifications, map tracking, and other functions minus the compass? I know most if not all the galaxy watches dont have the the magnetometer sensor, neither does the Fossil watches.



Re: Wear OS support without magnetometer sensor

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Hi. You can still use Geooh on a Wear OS watch without a magnetometer, but the compass display won't rotate. All other functions would work. An app could manually rotate by taking readings as you walk to calculate the orientation, but I can imagine the complaints that I'd get if you have to move to see it rotate. The Cachly app on the Apple watch operated that way, but it looks silly. Newer versions of the Apple watch now have magnetometers (like Fossils) so it's better.

The Samsung watches don't run on Wear OS so they won't work. Did you see the post in the Geooh Facebook group about a special deal today for a Misfit Vapor X watch... with compass... for only $40? That's a bargain for a watch just to geocache with! But hurry because it's today only.