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Default sorting of picture directory

Just having a small annoyance in the process of adding pictures to a log.

When adding pictures to the cache logging process, you select to grab the photo from the Gallery, the sorting of the directory displayed each time you enter defaults to "File name (A to Z)". Have to go into setting and change the sorting to "Modified (newest first)" to get the most recent photos added to displayed. Could you add to the request for the directory displayed to default to the "Most Recent" photo to save the extra steps required each time to find the pictures just taken. Running a Samsung S9 android.


Re: Default sorting of picture directory

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Geooh is not in control of file selections. You are looking at Android's built-in file explorer. Geooh is the only geocaching app following Google's enhanced security for apps. Anytime you select a file or directory, you are using Android instead of 3rd party software to make the selection which keeps apps from incorrectly accessing files they shouldn't.

So bottom line, there is no way for me to force a sort order or which directory first shows because that's just how Google has implemented their file explorer. Maybe they'll improve this in the future.