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Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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On the next release I'm having to remove support for the SD card as it's causing the problem... all apps are eventually going to go this way... c:geo is already trying to figure it out... Geooh is just ahead of everyone else. Once Mapsforge update's their software I may be able to add it back, but I seriously doubt it. Google is going to great efforts to discourage SD cards and change how users interact with the file system due to security concerns. None of the Android developers like it and I certainly have struggled trying to implement the new ways which are more complicated than before... I'm not happy with Google.

It didn't work before... the themes weren't selectable or editable until I went down this path to add better support for themes. I'm sorry, but I've spent days trying to get SD card support and I've hit a wall with it and how Mapsforge currently works. The other geocaching apps will require files off the SD card eventually too unless Google loosens things and provides better solutions for the developers.

To confirm, put a small map and theme on internal storage and notice Geooh will work. I've got some bug fixes to make the directory changes more responsive, but not SD card support.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Now I put some maps and themes to internal memory for a test.

There everything works well as it should.

On SD card it is the problem, that the themes are not shown any more. In the version before the themes worked on SD Card.

You see that on the screenshots I posted before.

I don't want to use internal space due to the lower space. And it worked before and also with other apps.

Thanks for confirming that.

And as I've said, the other apps will also have to deal with the SD card issues if they want to support Android 11 (which they will be required to do so by Google). When Mapsforge updates their software, they may be able to read themes from the SD card with the newer techniques. Until then, Geooh will only be able to support multiple themes on internal storage.

And remember... previously I was copying theme files to an internal area... so they weren't actually on the SD card. It was when we tried to have Geooh access ALL the themes you had that things slowed down considerably during the copy. Either I drop SD card support, keep number of themes to a minimum, or let users get frustrated with the copy time. There are no good solutions until Mapsforge changes and/or Google does.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Did you read this post of me?

I think I have found the reason, why it was so slow.

In my map folder, I had the mapsforge maps from Freizeitkarte and from OpenAndroMaps. Both in same folder
I now tried it only with the mapfiles from freizeitkarte. And now it seems to be faster.

But still the elevate theme dont work on my side.

It worked fast on SD card, when I only put the Mapsforge Maps from Freizeitkarte on it with the themes.

The problem was the 2 different map files. This slowed it down.

My phone will never get Android 11. It will stay in Android 10.

Map Files to small internal memory is not what I want and I cannot use GeoohGo with this.

Why don't you make it with the version, that worked?

Locus, C:geo and Cachebox work well with offline Maps on SD. And GeoohGo too, like we have seen.

You are just limited on one type of maps, not 2 or 3 deferent in this case.

Maps in internal memory is not usable for me. Especially cause I already use them on SD.

Think about it. It was already working ...

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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We are going in circles....

The other apps can use the SD card because they are not using the latest Android storage access framework (SAF) like Geooh does. They all will migrate eventually and will hit the same problem until Mapsforge updates their software to SAF. This has nothing to do with your Android 10... the apps will be forced by Google to go to SAF... on ALL devices even running 10.

Again, it wasn't "working" with multiple themes if the number of them was high. I tested with five themes in the folder and experienced the same delay while copying theme files from the SD card to internal storage. I never realized someone would want several themes at one time until you revealed that to me. Like you, someone else will complain about the slowness if they have several themes in the folder.

All of this is temporary until Mapsforge updates their software... they have to eventually... they've started it, but I don't know when it will be complete. Once their update completes, I can use it directly instead of the hacking around I'm doing now.

Again... a warning... you may have to move all your maps off the SD card if required by Google and apps supporting SAF. I don't know what their final restrictions will be... developers don't like SAF (I don't) so Google may try to improve it, but I doubt it because they have been trying to get rid of SD cards for some time.

Again... Locus, c:geo, Cachebox, and GCDroid have NOT transitioned to SAF yet. I know c:geo is trying to figure out how to migrate, but they will encounter the same problems I have.

I have spent all day today and yesterday trying to get SAF to work with the SD card and Mapsforge... with no luck.

If I go back to the old way, then there will be complaints about delays during the copying of themes to internal storage for SAF. You showed me that was a poor design. The new way works although it uses internal storage. But most new phones no longer have SD cards. I have no good solution to satisfy everyone... until other software is updated.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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It would be nice if you could restore the functionality of the SD card as in the last version of the app. Because, as I already wrote, everything worked wonderfully when using a card. The theme could also be easily selected and adapted.

What you have changed in the current version, you should know yourself and simply undo it. Then my problems would be solved and I could use GeoohGo as I would like.

I primarily use the Freizeitkarte Maps and there are 3 themes. So it worked wonderfully and should work again as it was intended.

I cannot understand that there will be no more smartphones with SD cards in the future. Because the users don't want that. And I think this is not so. Your info seems to be wrong.

Samsung, the largest manufacturer of Android smartphones, has an SD card inside each of its models. With every new model, 2 SIM cards and 1 SD card can now be used. The size of the SD card is constantly being adapted and expanded. And that's because the users want it. That's why everything should work with it.

Personally, I would never buy a device without an SD card. The advantages of the SD card simply outweigh it. Because the smartphone could break and then you can no longer access important data in the internal memory. If they are on SD, like mine, then they can be saved more easily.

Could write down more advantages, but that would be over the topic.

In addition, you can easily accommodate large amounts of data there, such as maps and other things.

Should GeoohGo only be able to use data in internal storage in the future. Then it will bypass the trend because users want SD cards.

The whole time you could use the SD cards and it doesn't make sense to me why not anymore, although it is actually possible. You could see that in the last version, which worked wonderfully and quickly after my adaptation to only use one type of card.

Otherwise I will probably no longer be able to use GeoohGo because I need the offline maps and these on an SD card. For me there is no alternative where I save the maps. I need the limited internal memory for other data.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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I'm looking into how to reintroduce partial copying so get what you need and minimize delays that you experienced before.

I never indicated SD cards are going away... I said Google is introducing more file security via SAF and that use of SD cards will be more difficult (and possibly not available) to how apps used the card before. My info is not wrong... this is what all Android developers are facing. Every geocaching app and software library (c:geo, Locus, Mapsforge) are all currently trying to figure it out... Geooh is just ahead of them.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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You'll be pleased to know I reworked much of the code over the last couple of days to allow SD card usage. The themes will again be copied to internal storage, but I tried to reduce the time taken for the process... although a large number of themes can still pose a delay. After further testing I'll release a new version with the changes.

I also added a better way to select the theme/options without having to go into settings. See the attached video for a demo of it. Thanks for the patience while I get all this figured out.


Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Looks and sounds good.  Will test it, when it is out.