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Custom map theme incorrectly rendered

in latest version, my custom map theme disappear. Later I've found that there is a new option that allows map theme selection. I've selected it and now it is render. But it looks incomplete. I thought it could be some issue in map theme file, but the same map data and theme works in GDAK correcty.

Map data downloaded from
Map theme is from

Re: Custom map theme incorrectly rendered

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Just tested, no change. Links to theme and map data are in my first post.

Re: Custom map theme incorrectly rendered

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I had the impression you created your own custom xml theme. I downloaded paws and did some initial testing.

My tests with the paws_4.xml theme look virtually the same between the apps (Geooh turns on labels). Do you have a "_theme" directory under your maps directory containing the theme and you have GDAK pointing to Geooh's folders?

What am I missing?

GDAK is not following Android's to-be required security restrictions so they don't have to move files around like Geooh does.

Re: Custom map theme incorrectly rendered

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Yes. I have _theme folder. I did no changes in this from summer.

I've tested on my wife's phone, she is on older Android version. Theme selection works, only issue is that tourist tracks render does not work (it is one of the theme option). It seems like no options works.

Base on this I've deleted app cache, restarted phone and now I'm no more able to choose theme. The theme selection combo box is missing and I'm not able to return it back. I re-select the maps folder, grant access, but combo box does not show :-(

Geooh v11.3.5 on HTC U11 Life, Android v10.


Re: Custom map theme incorrectly rendered

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Hi, sorry for the delay, I was busy recently. I can confirm, that current version works correctly.