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Livemap function while using offline database

Hi everyone!

Right now you can only use an offline list, but you cannot also use the live map function within.

My suggestion would be an extension here. Say I have an offline database from a Pocketquerie and have called it up. The will now be displayed on the map. All I see here is this data.

This is where my suggestion comes in. You could activate the live map here by means of a kind of  button and here you could then get new caches that are not available in the offline database. Because it can happen that something new has been published or that you get out of the offline database.

It would be nice if you didn't have an empty card, but that the new caches are simply reloaded. Possibly even deposited with a different color.

It would be a combination of offline data and live data that you can then see. Would give me some advantages.

Maybe you could somehow add that as a feature. There are enough other apps that do that. But I would love this feature in GeoohGo because it would be extremely useful to me.

Maybe you can look at it and implement it in a future version.

Greetings GeoLemmi.