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Automatic map movement without compass mode


When i m in my car, i use the automatic map movement, when i select a cache und go in compass mode. (phone is vertical, compass is faded). Then the map moves automatically with my location in the center of the map fine.
But when im on my bike, i cant make the compass fade out (the phone is flat), and i dont find another possibiliy, to make the map move automatically.

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Re: Automatic map movement without compass mode

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Use the autorotate button on the map... top button above two others with a dot and circled arrow around it. This will continually center on your location and move the map automatically as you ride. Use the compass when you are near a cache and want to actually locate it.

Re: Automatic map movement without compass mode

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The autorotate make my map jump and turn around. This is not the feature i am searching for. The feature is just the compassmode.... without the compass :)


Re: Automatic map movement without compass mode

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I like to show you, that the autorotate mode did not work correctly. (It does not never work for me.)

In the video, i´m, sitting still in my parking car, i dont move, i dont turn the phone. The screen jumps every 3-5 seconds and the center is moving away from the point where i am.

Re: Automatic map movement without compass mode

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I can't replicate that either. The jumping and jitter is from your phone sensors sending the data to Geooh to re-orient itself. On my phone it is steady, doesn't move, and operates as expected. Try getting out of your car, re-calibrate the phone sensors by moving it in a figure 8 pattern several times and then test again. Cars will interfere with the phone's magnetics which the sensors use.

Re: Automatic map movement without compass mode

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Yes, the movement left/right could be the sensors. But the problem is the jumping screen. In compassmode the screen stays in place.

Re: Automatic map movement without compass mode

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When in compass mode Geooh turns on more frequent location monitoring and also forces the GPS to give readings in addition to Android location information... this doesn't happen with auto rotate mode. So, the compass gets faster, more accurate location readings.

You are seeing the drift in the map due to Android's built-in readings for your location on the map and Geooh trying to show that. Then when Geooh's location monitor receives a location reading, Geooh forces a centering of the location on the screen. That's the jump you are seeing... Geooh got a location in addition to Android's map getting a location. The centering also occurs in compass mode, but since Geooh's readings are now coming much faster the centering also happens quicker without the jump. Have you seen something similar in compass mode, but just quicker.

And the reason the faster readings aren't used in rotate mode is to minimize battery usage. The compass mode usually isn't turned on for lengthy times like could be while driving around in auto rotate. I'll think about adding a setting to allow the increased readings with a caution about battery consumption .

I suspect some issue with the phone's sensors or network triangulation or the GPS. If what you see is happening to others, trust me I would be getting lots of reports. I have some very vocal beta testers that also would be letting me know. Do you have another phone you could test with to confirm?