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Shadow204 - User Impressions and Requests

So, here are my thought about the app,  So far, I have a list with Bugs/Problems as well as some Requests. I will use this thread to post updates to those, as well as more problems, that occur to me( if this is OK).

I wrote the first part in my OneNote, so I just attached a .pdf file here. Its way easier for me to do so than import every single image here and getting the formatting right. Further updates will be as a direct post, considering they are not as large as this one.

Additional, I will also work on a Google play review in German and English.

Also please keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker so there are for sure grammar- and language mistakes in my posts.

Re: Shadow204 - User Impressions and Requests

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Thanks for the wonderful and detailed notes! I appreciate the effort you took to write them up.

Here is what I've done and some feedback...

I'm not overly familiar with bRouter. What differences/advantages does it have with Geooh's built-in route creation and storage of routes for offline? Maybe you aren't aware of that.

I think I've corrected this in the next release.

I think I also have this corrected in the next release.
The light blue circle is a visual expanding indicator of your location. There are some weird thing at times where Android's blue dot location doesn't match the location given to Geooh so the drawing of the circle doesn't match. But Geooh monitors it and the light blue circle should "jump" back to the blue dot of your location. Let me know if that never occurs.

The 3rd party map clustering software Geooh uses doesn't allow notification of what caches went into a cluster so that the waypoints for it are hidden. So to compensate, I've changed the app to not show all waypoints when clustering is on and instead only show the selected cache waypoints.
Again, another limitation of Android's map view where you have to zoom in far enough to accurately select a particular map marker. A future Google update to the map software library is suppose to improve on this. That update should come in version 12 of Geooh.

I didn't realize the [TIME] placeholder was showing seconds... that has been removed for the next release!
The original idea for smooth panning versus immediate map moves was to be less jarring and give the user an understanding that panning is occurring to see direction of movement. For waypoints, I chose to use a fit all on the map because that is generally valuable to see waypoints in relation to the cache. And there was also a delay so that the map was fully rendered for  the fit all to occur. But I've reduced the delay so maybe it won't feel so long.
Not sure if you mean your profile or the cache owner. Regardless, I'm not inclined to make unnecessary API calls which incur limits for items that may never be shown.
I'm not sure NOT showing the network available would be wise because without it the user would not know why Geooh didn't perform the request action that needed the network.
The notifications for the offline handler is a function of Android so I can't easily control that or group them. Plus, each notification shows the status of the individual offline handler task in the queue and it's success or failure.
I'm confused on this one... the Add Waypoint dialog puts the cache's location in the entry field.
Groundspeak is very restrictive on what API partner apps can do or show regarding Adventure Labs. Currently, we are only allowed to show the overall adventure on the map without stages. There is also no API method to determine whether the adventure has been completed. Regarding the cross out name... I've never seen this so if you have a screenshot that would help. What does the Adventure Lab app show the name?
One is a Show More view which provides a comprehensive drill-down of information while the Show Details try to display all the pertinent information on one screen. You can control what the map clicking on the callout popup window in Settings -> Maps Misc -> Map Info Window Action.

Feature requests
Have you viewed the Profile which shows all your finds and logs with a filter for them? What is the use case for creating a separate offline list of finds?
Since themes are stored as Android XML specific files, I'm sure this will be an easy task. I'll have to look into this in more depth when I have time to give a better answer.
Yes, send me any health/fitness ideas!

Thanks again for the great PDF and analysis! Would love a great review (5 star of course) that could be written in German... most of the 1-star reviews are from Germany and I have no idea what the big issues are other than language translations.

Re: Shadow204 - User Impressions and Requests

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I am sorry for being so late with the answer.  During the last weeks I was busy with my final exams but now I am mostly done.

I changed my strategy and decided to show all the stuff in a google doc. It makes it easyer to view it withou the need to download anything....

I am still working on the German review for Google…

Re: Shadow204 - User Impressions and Requests

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What version of Geooh did you create the tests with? Some of the items were addressed several releases ago. Can you redo your tests with the current release?

bRouter is a bike router. Geooh can do car, walking, and biking routing. The default is car. Go into settings in the Navigating section and select bicycling for the routing mode. Then compare results.

The live map should not show counts... was a bug if it did. See if the latest version does.

Dark Mode
This issue should be fixed in one of the previous releases. See if the latest version works.

Map Filters
Leave the value empty of you don't want that future to be used as a filter to get all.

The radius for labs was fixed a couple releases ago. The crossed out name is not completed status, but whether HQ has mashed the lab as unavailable.

Let me know how the tests look with the 11.9.3 version. Thanks for the detailed information!

Re: Shadow204 - User Impressions and Requests

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Ok, I didn't noticed the last update and made it today. It seems to fix everything I was complaining about. Sorry for that.
Also, I noticed, that the German translations are completely missing when turning of "Auto Translate to German".