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How do I use offline maps?

Hi there,

I bought Geooh Go yesterday evening in Play Store to use it on my Huawei Mate 10 Pro. I have already C:Geo installed where I can use my Locus offline maps. Is there a possibility to use these maps in Geooh Go, too? I have just played a bit around and found the point in the preferences where I can choose offline maps from Maps.Me for navigation but when I go to live view I still see the Google online map.
I would prefer offline maps as I often walk in regions where internet ist rather weak or even obsolete.
Thank you in advance fpr each bit of help.

Kind regards,

Re: How do I use offline maps?

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Offline maps are available in the enhanced subscription version of Geooh. From the left side drawer on the home screen select enhanced. After the enhanced you'll see a new section in settings called Alternative Maps. Tap the check box for Use Offline Maps. Then you can select a directory folder with any OSM Mapsforge maps. You can choose the folder where your c:geo and Locus maps are to share between the apps.

Let me know if that helps.

Re: How do I use offline maps?

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Thank you very much. I didn't achieve to get the Locus maps running but I was able to download some maps from Mapforge, put them into a folder and yes, now I am able to use these maps offline. Great and thanx again for your help!!!
Kind regards,

Re: How do I use offline maps?

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From home screen, when I look at the left 'drawer' (I assume you mean what happens when you pan left to right), I see Geocaches (gray), Profile, WheriGO, Lists, GeoTours, TB Scanner, TB Logger, Share Lists, and Manage Counties (gray).  I don't see the "Enhanced" option.  I'm a 2x/year subscriber.  Will be in some areas soon with zero cellular or WiFi coverage, and would like to download some maps in advance to use offline.  I have 11.11.05.

Re: How do I use offline maps?

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Got it working.  Missed that check box.
Learning this app is a bit like learning GSAK.  If you want to play with ALL of the knobs, it takes quite a bit of effort - but always worth it in the end.