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Waypoints not visible

I saw same change related to waypoints in change log. Unfortunately, it is not better for me. It is worst now. Waypoints are not shown on map at all. I've cleared caches, but did not help. I'm using offline maps with custom theme.

But this is even worse - In waypoint menu is missing option "Show on map". In past, this often happen to me when I added a new waypoint. Usually it was fixed after Geooh restart. But now It happen for all waypoints. They are not shown on map and are missing "Show on map" option. So it is not possible navigate from stage to stage on map.

When I clear cache and restart application, sometime is this option visible, but then disappear somehow. I don't understand why. Offline maps are there and are working. But I have no option to see waypoint on map.


Re: Waypoints not visible

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Yes. It is latest Gooh version.
It looks like that "Show on map" works when I open cache directly from list. But not when cache is opened from map. I'm almost always open caches from map.

Steps to replicate:

1) open caches list
2) open map
3) find cache on map
4) click on cache
5) click "Show more"
6) click Waypoints
7) open waypoint menu
8 ) no option "show on map" in menu

See captured screencast on YT: