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Geocache name changes

I like Geooh Go, but one thing aboat it is highly frustrating - when a cache is opened for viewing, Geooh refreshes the information aboat the cache and also the cache name. I use GSAK for generating gpx files and use the GSAK's function for changing the cache name. I use this for providing me with extra information aboat caches.
Geooh Go removes this extra information and I wish it could leave the name as it is and just refresh the other properties aboat the cache.

Re: Geocache name changes

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Do you have Full Cache Title checked under the Geocaches section in Settings? GPX files are considered lite downloads and when a cache is selected Geooh GO retrieves the additional full information for the cache... which may change to full cache title if setting is on.

What name do you see when clicking Show Details on a task list? Is that one correct?

Screenshots and a sample GPX file would greatly help in resolving the issue.

Re: Geocache name changes

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The name change either Full Cache Title is checked or not.

I can send you a gpx file, but I need an email address to do so.

(In the images, look at the topmost cache)

Re: Geocache name changes

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Thanks. You should be able to add the gpx file here. If not, send to