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Trail routing

Love the app! And I'm subscribed! Would love to see trail routing options similar to how brouter would work. Rather than a straight line through a Forrest it would plot a tour along the trail path that would end closest to the cache.

Re: Trail routing

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Thanks for the feedback.

Do you mean the blue route line or the red destination line to the cache? Each has different purposes. The red is just a visual indication to know the direction from your location. The blue route is from clicking the distance button at the top of the map which will also show ETA when the route shows. The blue route type is from the Navigation settings... you chose the navigation app and navigation mode (car, bike, walking). If the navigation app is set for walking and knows a path to it, then maybe it will show what you are looking for.

I don't know much about brouter, but it appears that the Android app version can create GPX trails which Geooh could overlay on the map. Or better yet, go to one of the biking/trail websites that provide trails in GPX format... download one for the area you are caching in and overlay it on Geooh's map... that seems the most flexible and comprehensive.