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Two small issues with v11.2.8

Two issues with v11.2.8 that I updated last night.

First when I look at someone's profile from a caches "View profile" the upper part of the page above the "Tabs" displays my profile stats and pictures every time but from the "Tabs" row down it's their profile information.

Second is the "Newest" search has lost something. When I looked this morning for what caches may have been published overnight, I just get one already found cache nearby when yesterday I got more than 10 with 2 FTF. Rechecking those FTF from the previous search, I still see them as unfound FTF. I have notice that over the last few updates that this feature had started to show issues like the "Newest" listing not updating the icons of new caches to your FTF icon (like previous versions) unless selected and that listing is not highlighted any longer.

Thanks for your time and all the hard work you put in to keep this awesome app going...

Re: Two small issues with v11.2.8

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Can you provide a screenshot so I know exactly what you are looking at and describing?

There are new settings in the Lists section to determine full or lite data for Newest (full is needed for the FTF banner) and a new radius to select how far from you to search for new caches. These settings help fine-tune what you really want to see.


Re: Two small issues with v11.2.8

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I replicated the profile issue. It appears Groundspeak has a bug (or feature) that no matter what profile page is requested, the website only returns yours. So, something has changed on their end. I'll contact HQ to figure out what's going on.