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Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Was just able to do a quick test of the new version.

When the map was started for the first time, all possible map elements were still displayed. Only after the 3rd start of the map did they disappear all at once and the map was displayed as it was set by me. That was already good.

The selection in the themes such as city, outdoor and so now seems to work without any problems. Is displayed correctly immediately after selection.

Only every time I want to switch to the options, the app freezes and I have to wait about 20 seconds or more until my smartphone reacts again. Usually there is also an error message.

I am then also asked whether I want to quit the app or wait.

Calling up the offline map also takes a relatively long time.

Furthermore, the app now seems to cause more problems and to use a lot more energy than normal. In any case, this comes as an error message from the smartphone.

The OpenAndroMap themes still don't seem to work.

As I said, it was just a short test. But I think it will be similar if I test more intensely.

Greatings GeoLemmi.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Nothing was changed to cause more energy use unless copying the theme files to a storage area Mapsforge can access is causing that... but that should only happen on initial configuration. Since you have so many themes in the shared directory Geooh is having to move lots of files around for the Mapsforge software. Maybe open Geooh and wait a bit until a background process finishes the copy before opening settings or the map. Once copied things should run smoother.

Can you create a video of what you are seeing so I know where a freeze is happening?

Can you let me know an OpenAndroMap theme that doesn't work so I can test?

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Sorry I dont know who to make a video of that. Is there an app, that can do that on my smartphone?
But I wrote what happend down here. New is, the freezing. Time is the same like before.

There is only one theme from OpenAndroMaps that is called Elevate 4.
You can find it here:

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Now I can make a screen video. Can I sent it directly to you or can I put it here to the post. I will try.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Screenvideo is ready.

Everytime in the video, when in the options the screen dont scrolls it is a freeze. And this is often, you will see.

Make an upload as zip to Google Drive. Put a link to here,when ready.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Here is the link to the uploaded video as a zip file.

link deleted ...

Please write, when you have download it, so that I can delete it. Right know everyone that have this link, can download it.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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I could not get the video to extract or download so I don't know what is wrong with it. You could email to see if I can receive it that way.

I do the majority of my testing with the Elevate 4 theme... it has been working perfectly for me. See the video to demonstrate it.

Could you try to go back to the Geooh-only directory with just the Elevate themes in it to see how things work? I still suspect with so many themes there is trouble. Since Geooh has to count the number of files to determine when to copy the themes internally to sync, it is taking longer to do that in your situation. I also just discovered that due to a timing issue that the logic to bypass copying after the first time is not working all the time. So in your case, my guess is each time you open settings Geooh is checking for the number of files and re-copying... each time... causing a slowdown. Minimizing the number of themes will be a good test of that.

I've got the fix in for the unnecessary re-copy for the next release, but I want to be sure there are no other issues before doing so. Don't want others to complain about too many versions being released in a short time.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Seem this file is to large. But download should work.

Here is the folder, where file is.

Right now the file as mp4 will be uploaded in this folder. Maybe it works than.

This is the video directly:

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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OK, got that one. I do wonder if the background counting and copying of files is the issue. Let me know what happens when you reduce the number of themes to just Elevate. If things run better that way, then it will confirm. I'll have to think of a better way to deal with knowing when to sync theme files because in situations like yours it could be excessive. Geooh just doesn't know whether you've updated the themes to when to copy other than counting files and comparing to what is in the cached area for Mapsforge.

Mapsforge is working on an update that may allow their software to run with new Android security, but they are taking too long to release anything. And in their issues discussions they know they have a problem, but no answers yet.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Only with active elevate 4 theme the map and options starts really faster und smoother.

But the theme is not shown at all even it is active. I only see the blanc map without themeing. Background is white and no wood, green, water or park is seen in color or so.

With Freizeitkarte Theme it works ...

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Right now I have seen your video.

The app works very smooth on your side. This is not so on mine. And the theme still dont work.

But in my other apps like Locus or so it works fine and fast ...

What smartphone do you use?. My S9 is normaly very fast ...

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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Open Geooh... wait a minute... open map to see if theme shows. Close the app and try again. Without the new fix we may still have an issue. I had something similar happen during testing before files were copied correctly.

Here is a link to what developers are expected to do by Google. Geooh is the only app targeting Android 11 so that's why I'm having to deal with this mess until Mapsforge updates their software.

Re: Themes and choices for offline maps

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I have Android 10. You should have 11. Maybe ...

Freizeitkarte works ...