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offline maps take forever to load after android 11 update.


I have an issue after latest update to android 11 on my Samsung s10e.  I use MapsForge maps and they have worked fine before i have updated the OS, now it take forever to load them, eventually it map will load but if i go out to main menu and try to back to "Live" same thing, i will get message " App is not responding" i chose to wait, screen goes black an after i say about a minute maybe more it will load.

i tried to reinstall the app, but with no avail.

i noticed that the file location is much different than it used to be and apparently with Android 11 file structure has changed.  Any chance to have a solution for this?

i have purchased an microSD and will see if files will be accessible from there, i will check tomorrow and update. 

any guidance is highly appreciated.




Re: offline maps take forever to load after android 11 update.

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Hi Greg,

Google has been increasing security on file access for apps especially with the release of Android 11. This year Google will require all apps to use Android's storage access framework which has changed everything. One of the differences is the file path representation you noticed. Another is more SD card restrictions.

Geooh is the only geocaching app to be fully compliant with Android 11 and using SAF. Unfortunately, Mapsforge is not there yet with their software that Geooh and other apps use for offline maps. So Geooh has to move the theme files to another location accessible via SAF... the map files are ok since Mapsforge has updated their software for SAF compliant map files.

The theme files copy occurs whenever the offline map location is changed in Geooh settings... and should happen only once. There will be a small dialog window saying map files are being set up. Did you ever see this? If you have lots of themes in the "_theme" folder it could take some time on this one time copy.

Once Geooh prepares the theme files, then loading maps is as quick as before. In my testing, it's fast so the could be another issue on your end especially if the themes didn't copy properly. Check how many themes you have and reduce to only what's needed. Try clearing out cache and storage for Geooh in Android settings. Also update the offline directory in Geooh settings (even if just reselecting the correct one) to see if you get the copy notification.

Let me know how that works. And when Mapsforge updates their software to be fully SAF ready then Geooh will be updated so theme files won't have to be moved around.

Re: offline maps take forever to load after android 11 update.

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thank you for quick reply.  So I have tried everything you have mentioned including moving the entire app to SD card, still no luck.  cleared the cache , deleted data. 

I timed it and when I tap on #Live, it takes 40s to the screen " Close App , Wait , Report " from there is another 40s or so until the map kicks in and I can navigate.  problem is when I leave back to main screen and tap #Live proces is started over again ....

while writing all this, I wanted to try something else, and I created another folder for my offline maps .... and it seems to work now.  maps load fast without delay or any type of hanging.

So in a nutshell all is well now. 

I have left original text in case someone else runs into this issue ... seems to be an easy fix.

with best regards,


Re: offline maps take forever to load after android 11 update.

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That is strange... and I'll remember that possible solution if someone else encounters it. Good to know it is working as it should! Thanks for confirming that.