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Lists and solved caches.

I solved a multi and added it to list of my solved, but not found, caches in When I open a cache from the list in geooh, it will point to original location, not to solved new location and it will not show the waypoints etc either. I see these in live view, but why is the view if I open it from list so limited?

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Where are you viewing the list/cache? A screenshot is extremely valuable to communicate what you are describing.

Did you refresh the cache and/or list? Making a change on the website doesn't automatically get pushed down to all the API apps. The apps have to request updated information from Groundspeak... which the refresh does.

Re: Lists and solved caches.

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I have a list (created in that has Solved caches in it, where I have edited the correct coordinates to that cache, they are multi or mystery, in my current case it was multi. In when you view the cache it will show new corrected location in the map window.

In Geoooh, open your profile, between WheriGo and GeoTours select Lists. I select a cache from that list and there are only 3 option Show on map, navigate to and show web page. I select show on map, that will show cache at original location, not the solved location. It will show correct solved location with puzzle icon in #live view.
Also why is there only 3 choises? Why not same list of options as for example #nearby?

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The Lists component of Geooh is showing the online list provided by Groundspeak. The coordinates for those caches are the posted ones, not corrected ones... I am not sure why Groundspeak chooses to return posted for the caches. Maybe it helps when viewing geo-art.

If you downloaded the online list to create an offline list in the Geocaches component of Geooh then the corrected coordinates would show for the cache instead. That is why the Live map is doing like you want. The Lists component is primarily used for editing of your online lists, but to actually use them for geocaching it's best to download them as offline lists in Geocaches. That is the reason for only 3 choices in Lists... it's not meant for geocaching activities... the Geocaches component is for that.

I'll see about extracting the waypoints for the caches in the online lists and forcing the correction to show instead on the map for Lists... but I'll have to think about it more since some people may want the original geo-art view of the list and complain Geooh doesn't show the posted. Everybody has preferences. I could provide a setting in Lists, but often people don't think to look there. But until then, use the Geocaches component using offline lists... it's where you will spend the bulk of your time in the app.

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I can confirm that it works now. It even shows in the edited multi the puzzle piece icon in the list. Thank you.

Lists support was the main reason I originally chose this app. Im lazy so when I resolve something at computer, I want it to bee on the app with as little work as possible and this now allows me to do thing my way.

Edit: and now I just figuret out that I can download lists really easily and that is even better! So basically user error. You live you learn!