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Duplicate logs

I'm having trouble finding a way to reliably reproduce this, but it's happened to me several times. Sometimes, seemingly if I scroll down to load more logs too fast, logs will appear twice. Sometimes they're consecutive, other times interleaved.

I added a screenshot. Unfortunately it's quite low resolution because I messed up, but it should be evident what the problem is.

Edit: Managed to add several copies of the screenshot because the forum told me the upload failed.

Re: Duplicate logs

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I did also notice that some are missing the colored bar to the left, like in the screenshot.

Re: Duplicate logs

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This was an issue I encountered several releases ago during testing, but after some changes I couldn't replicate it any more so I thought I had the bug fixed... guess not completely. I can no longer replicate it so maybe you can find a pattern that I can repeat and find the cause. I'll continue digging. Thanks for letting me know.


Re: Duplicate logs

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I was able to get it to happen again... seems when more logs are being loaded and if the list is scrolled during the process that some internal error occurs. I could not determine when it would happen... was very random... so for now I'll disable scrolling until the loading completes which should prevent the trigger. This will be in the next release.