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Things are not working in v10.5

I have just downloaded the update to v10.5 and trying to select a cache from the map and get nothing. App keeps saying I have to select a cache even when I have one selected. Displays a whole new popup but won't select the cache to navigate to. Can't seem to get any thing to work when it comes to locating GZ with the app, whether I use Live Maps or a downloaded list, doesn't show distance to cache. No way to log if I found it or not as well....  Just a Heads up. Running on a android Samsung s9.

Re: Things are not working in v10.5

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OK, found the cause... Google released new Android map software and when county boundaries was enabled there were issues. So for now I forced Geooh to use the older Android software until I can figure out what's really happening with the newer library.

Again, thanks for letting me know... my test environment had counties turned off so it wasn't noticeable before the 10.5 release.


Re: Things are not working in v10.5

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Didn't have the "Notify" turned on and missed your replies. I just disable the "County" manager and all works normal from what I can see. Thanks for such a quick reply and hope this overlay issue isn't too bad. I really use this feature in your app more than getting the info from Project-GC... Big time saver when searching for a quick grab... Do we have a way to send you a copy of the exported "Settings" files with these issues when we find them? Not sure if it would help. Again thanks and keep up the good work...