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How do I populate an offline list?

I've been trying to use Geeoh Go for the past month or so, and I'm slowly getting comfortable with the app. I'm headed out on some powertrail snippets tomorrow and want to populate an offline list from a bookmark list. I can see the bookmark list, but it doesn't seem to download. I've tried both lite and full. There are 405 caches in the bookmark list.

Thanks for your help. (BTW, I'm looking forward to trying the Rev. WIG)


Re: How do I populate an offline list?

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Yeah, someone else reported the issue with download lists. I had upped the download amount to 100, but the API restricts those downloads to 50 caches at a time (unlike all the other API calls for cache retrievals). It's been fixed and a maintenance release is being sent to Google in another hour. Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the error.